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Flexible Per Module

  • Our flexible Pay Per Module system gives you a convenient way to pace your learning. You can complete all 12 Modules of our PAAT coaching system based on your available time and budget to reach your goal of becoming a consistent trader. 
  • Each module is a prerequisite for the next module, so you'll have to take them in order starting from Module 1, and working your way to Module 12.
  • You will receive module 1 for free (99 $ valued) after registering for module 2 or Monthly Automatic Subscription
  • You will have access to all the Module's Lessons, Workshops, and Drills for 2 months. For example, registering for Module 1 will allow you access to all the contents of Module 1 for 2 months. Registering for Module 10 will allow you access to all the contents of Modules 1 to 10 for 2 months, so you have the flexibility to refer to previous lessons if you need to.   
  • Plan for success and register for the next module during the 2-Month access period once you're ready. Or contact us at for a convenient automatic monthly subscription to each module so you can complete the 12 required modules in one year.
  • Questions answered by the Trader Instructor
  • Live Webinars/Coaching for Module 10, 11, 12

Buy Each Module Separately

* Note: Each module is a prerequisite for the next module and it is not possible to purchase modules randomly.

Monthly Automatic Per Module Subscription

Note: If you register for 3 or more modules, your payment will include a 10% discount.

PAAT Content: 12 Modules, 36 Workshops, and 760 Drills