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Mobile PAAT LMS App for iOS & Android

Easily continue your training anywhere and anytime with the PAAT app and do not wait for a certain time to become a professional trader.

online trading course

Practice on the go

Access assigned workshops and practice with our mobile app.

learn trading

In-app communication

Send and answer to messages, participate in discussions,  and send files from your device.

offline trading

Offline use 

use downloaded courses in offline time and synchronize when online

how to trading

Platform independent 

Resume in-progress courses you started befor on desktop.

fun trading

Gamified experience 

View progress and have fun with gamification elements like points, levels and badges.

trading app

IOS and Android friendly 

Both iOS and Android apps support PAAT LMS.

To access our mobile app, download it on App Store or Google Play. You can use the same login details (username and password) as the web application. 

Follow below steps to install the PAAT mobile application:  

  • 1- Installing the PAAT application  
  • 2- Enter the address
  • 3- Log in to the LMS system with your username and password  
mobile trading app

One of the best parts of using our mobile app is the fact that you can continue using PAAT when you're not connected to the internet. It’s easy — you just download any number of lessons and drills you want, and you can continue your training anytime, anywhere. What’s best, your progress will be automatically synchronized with our cloud servers as soon as you go back online.

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Another great feature of accessing PAAT with the mobile app is how easy it is to use. You'll be able to effortlessly navigate through lessons and execute drills, such as identifying swings and drawing range lines.

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