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Smart Drills Under LMS

We continue our discussion on the second secret of professional traders’ success, and outline the advantageous of using smart drills under a learning management system.
As we mentioned earlier, professionals look for the best available coaching that teaches the mastery of the processes and algorithms of a profitable trading system.

Comprehensive Deliberate Practice Training System

The best professional clubs and sport leagues engage with renowned coaches to develop a comprehensive deliberate practice training system. This includes baseline evaluation process, smart goal development, practical drills at various levels, an immediate feedback system, and constant monitoring and supervision.

Training Development

The development of deliberate practice is a tedious undertaking as it involves breaking a whole complex system into smaller, easier to understand sections.

Each module must have a specific goal, and be presented in a right sequence, with increasing level of difficulty. The repetition of smart drills is what it makes it effective, allowing you to be one step closer to achieving mastery.

Constant Monitoring by Coach

A coach must provide 1-on-1 immediate feedback to each learner and must constantly monitor their progress to ensure they are advancing to their full potential.

Smart Deliberate Practice Drills

With the advent of innovative training systems and simulations in the recent years, it is possible to develop live computerized smart drills that provides instant feedback.

These smart drills mimic real-life situations, providing a
valuable virtual learning experience at no risk for traders. The “show me”
aspect of the drill allows active learning and feedback in real time,
demonstrating the instant consequences of an action based on a learner’s decision. All of these are important in development of skills related to the process and algorithms of a trading system.

Learning Management System (LMS)

By embedding smart drills within a modern learning
management system, or LMS, the system acts like a live 24-hour coach, providing a dynamic training environment with prompt feedback and constant monitoring of the learner.

The training process is designed to be identical to the process and algorithms
of a profitable trading system, creating skills of best decision-making and habits of confident execution over time.

The LMS evaluates the learner’s level automatically by challenging
students with various tests and guiding them to the appropriate set of drills
to reach a higher level of competency.

LMS has the advantage of gamification, which allows learners to be fully engaged and have fun learning, while solving difficult problems and practicing complex drills for holistic skill development experience.

Smart Drills under Learning Management System

Therefore, smart deliberate practice drills under LMS puts you in control of your trading skill development. You can practice to become profitable, instead of trading randomly under stressful and risky market conditions that creates bad habits and losses.

You can practice to become profitable, instead of trading randomly under stressful and risky market conditions that creates bad habits and losses.
This concludes our discussion on the second important element of professional traders’ success, which is "Mastering the Execution of a Profitable Trading System".

For an overview of 3rd secrets of professional trader’s success, which is “Resolving the Human and Market Psychology Conflict”, please click on the link below to read about the Price Psychology Action vs Price Action.

Secrets of Professional Traders' Success

Our extensive coaching experience and observation of traders' development indicates three major secrets of people who have transformed themselves from aspiring traders to successful professionals.

1- Follow the Cycle of Excellence and Deliberate Practice

2- Master the Execution of a Profitable Trading System

3- Resolve the Human & Market Psychology (MP) Conflict