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TradingDrills Academy

Trading Drills Academy


  •  Master our winning Price Action Trading System 
  • Deliberately Practice 700 Smart Drills and Lessons
  • Become Consistently Profitable in any Market
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Achieve consistency by mastering the PROCESS/ALGORITHM of our
Winning Trend-Following Price Action Trading System

Winning Trading System

Profitable Trading System

If you are looking for a profitable trading system which you can train and trade with confidence in a safe environment without any risk, we will help you to achieve continuous profitability.

deliberate practice in trading

Smart Practical Exercises

Trading Drills Academy teaches trading in the form of Smart Drills. We will teach you from the basic to the advanced levels to read the charts and trade in an easy, interactive way using Interactive Lessons and Smart Drills.

Trading psychology

Trading Psychology

Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) coaching system is compatible to the psychology of most traders with high win rate. You will master execution of our trading system consistently, regardless of the overall market sentiment.

Trading Drills was created by a group of 8 traders with over 50 years of combined trading experience. Our goal is to help traders become successful and become constantly profitable. If you are interested in trading, turn it into a side hustle or professional career by learning the fundamentals with PAAT.

We will help save your money, time, and energy, so you won't fall into the same traps we did when we first started out, and have a faster journey to becoming a successful trader.  

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TradingDrills Academy

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Unique Trading Tools

Trading Acronyms

Trading Acronyms and Terminology

We've complied a list of key trading acronyms and terminology for you to refer to.

trading charts

Live Charts/Market Overview

Here we have live Real-Time Charts and Market Overview that you can use.

Trading Calculators

Trading Calculators

Check out our profit calculator and trading position size calculators for various indexes and commodities.

Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading

With PAAT, you'll learn how to trade in a risk free environment.

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  • 3 workshops, 13 lessons and 80 trading drills

    Workshop 1: Price Turning Points - Swing Low (SL) & Swing High (SH)

    Workshop 2: Range, Drawing Range Line, Identifying/Update Range lines in the live market

    Workshop 3: Dynamic Support (DS) line & Dynamic Resistance (DR)

    Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 1 = 80 / 700
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