Reza Anari

Program Developer & Senior Instructor

Reza Anari obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in 1997, and his Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship from the University of British Columbia in 1999. He was introduced to the trading world when he first started working at Pharmaceutical companies in the US and looking at charts as his friends buying stocks crazy during 2000. It was not a professional trading follow up as he witnessed the dotcom crash of 2001.

Dr. Anari had a high level of confidence that with his dedication and past successful research and academic career, he could figure out how to make money quickly and compound that in the market. To his surprise, he kept losing money, and realized the complexity of the difficult path of becoming a consistent profitable trader. It took him ~7 years of research and investing over 40K in many educational courses, trading systems, and tools until he developed his own discretionary trading system and started taking profits consistently.

Dr. Anari moved to Singapore in 1999 and served as an Adjunct Associate Professor of the Medical University of South Carolina, and at that time found strong passion towards education and training. Meanwhile he refined his trading system and turned it into a high probability trend-following price action trading system that fits the psychology of many retail traders.

In 2015, he decided to share his trading system to aspiring traders, and developed a course in the form of video lectures and webinars. To his surprise, only 5% of his students became successful by following this course, and he quickly realized that successful students were amongst those who consistently practiced each lesson and received constant feedback from him. He became very interested in understanding why the detailed explanations did not help the traders follow his system — he came across the book: “Cycle of Excellence Using Deliberate Practice to Improve Supervision and Training”. This helped him to understand the importance of Deliberate Practice, which is used in High Performance elite development, and why conventional academic teaching is not sufficient to develop successful traders.

In 2017, he transformed his course into a coaching system based on Deliberate Practice. He collaborated with his son, a software engineer and Machine Learning practitioner, and other successful students, to transform all of the trading lessons into Smart Drills under an innovative Learning Management System. More than 1000 students globally have taken his courses since 2015, and this new coaching/Trading system enable traders to experience a new level of results. compared to other conventional training methods.

Dr. Anari is a full-time trader managing his fund and improving the quality of trading education globally. In his spare time, he enjoys taking horseback riding lessons, skating, karate, piano, and archery.

Ali Anari

Algo Developer and Software Engineer

Ali Anari is a US-based Software Engineer who has worked at a number of startups as well as big technology companies (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc), with 10+ years of industry experience. More recently, Mr. Anari has also been focused on Deep Learning architectures and reinforcement techniques related to quantitative finance. He was inspired to learn more about trading from his father when he was young. He has followed his interest in financial markets and equity options modeling since 2018. His extensive experience as a Machine Learning practitioner and data scientist, combined with his knowledge of trading strategies, led to his expertise as an algo developer. He contributed significantly to the algorithm system of the Price-Action Algo Trading (PAAT) coaching system and course curriculum.

 Mr Anari’s interests range from economic sentiments, technical analysis, market commentary, strategy development, trade analysis, and risk management. He trades strategies ranging from VIX spreads, earnings plays, and income generation on all major financial derivatives such as options, futures, stocks, and ETFs. He developed models to solve for forward volatilities, used to identify pricing anomalies in equity index options and volatility index futures contracts. He also created formulas to model implied volatility before and after earnings announcements. Finally, he ranked the risk/return ratios of option income strategies in actual market conditions, and introduced new hybrid strategies.

Mr. Anari’s goal is to become a full-time proprietary hedge fund manager using a combination of derivatives and algorithmic trading strategies. In his spare time, he enjoys playing classical violin, hiking, swimming, reading, and traveling internationally.

Malih Farahnak


Malih Farahnak graduated with an Engineering degree from the University of Shiraz in 1995. She was introduced to trading when she was in high school, watching financial news, and became fascinated with the stock market. Malih moved to Canada in 2005 with her family, and worked as a professional mechanical engineer in Oil & Gas, and eventually the Nuclear industry. She became more interested in the field of trading, as she believed that it gives her flexibility and freedom to live her life to the fullest with her loved ones. She decided to pursue her passion professionally, and started learning about the financial markets and technical analysis while she was working at an engineering consulting company in Toronto in 2017.

She was highly confident that with her dedication and academic success in engineering, she could mathematically model what causes price movement, predict the market, and make money. To her surprise, she lost money, and realized that it is hard to predict market moves based on mathematical models consistently.

It took her nearly 2 years and investing over 10K in many different trading systems, educational courses, and add-on tools until she finally found the PAAT (price action trading course) offered by TradingDrills Academy. She registered for the course, and worked hard for a year to finally become a consistent day-trader on the S&P 500 Emini futures.

She finally decided to quit her full time job in May 2021, as her trading performance has improved since day one. She is now full-time trading stocks, index futures, and options. With her consistent performance in the market, and her passion of helping other traders, she decided to join the TradingDrills Academy to coach all aspiring traders who are registered in the Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) course.

In her spare time, Malih Farahnak enjoys doing meditation, studying trading psychology books, exercising in the gym, attending Yoga and zumba classes, playing the piano, and spending time with her children.

Soheil Mokhlesi


Mr. Mokhlesi has more than five years of experience in different markets such as Stocks, Futures, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Management in 2012 from Saxion University in the Netherlands, and received his Real Estate Diploma in 2017 from Tafe University in Australia. At this time, he was introduced to the market by following economical news and prices of some commodities such as oil and gold; however, he later realized that this is his true passion, and he developed a love for the world of trading. Mr. Mokhlesi is an experienced futures day-trader, and also takes long term positions on major equity index Options. He is diligent in following trading strategies in order to become consistent. He loves mentoring others while watching the market in different time zones, identifying trends, and evaluating portfolio risks.

He is also a Trader Psychologist with several clients, and runs the trading psychology webinar occasionally which teaches how to deal with stressful situations related to individual trades, determination and stamina, patience and discipline. He has been mentored by Dr.Anari on Price Action strategies, and with his great progress and consistency as a day-trader, he decided to collaborate with TradingDrills Academy to build the Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) course.

Mr.Mokhlesi is now a full-time trader and an instructor of Trading Drills Academy and coaches all new and aspiring students, and addresses all of their price action and psychology questions.

In his spare time, he enjoys diving, playing soccer, performing with his guitar, and spending time with his dog Bella.

Kasra Farhangi


Kasra completed his master’s degree in Natural Resource Engineering in 2011 and is currently a full-time PhD student at the Pamukkale University in Denizli, Turkey.

Kasra was introduced to the Forex and financial markets through one of his university professors in late 2019. He started learning as much as possible about profitable setups from price action courses available on the internet and becoming familiar with major platforms and tools that could help his goal of becoming a successful trader.

With strong dedication and perseverance and study of price action trading systems, he started trading in the live market at the beginning of 2020 and was confident that he could grow his capital quickly. It did not take a long time for him to lose all his hard-earned money, which helped him to better understand the true nature of trading and the importance of high-performance skill development.

He decided to find an experienced mentor and receive guidance in this path, so with some research on the internet, he learned about the Trading Drills Academy and started to study the pure dynamic price action presented in the PAAT system.

Kasra’s dedication and hard work with the proper mentoring helped him to become one of the best students of the academy and with further coaching by Dr. Anari, he became a consistent professional scalper in a short period of time.

Mr. Farhangi has always been a great role-model for others and shared his trades with everyone on a daily basis. With great understanding of the Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) system and interest in mentoring other traders, he joined the TradingDrills Academy as an instructor in early 2022.

Kasra helps all students during asian sessions and scalps the e-mini futures during the London and New York sessions. In his spare time, Kasra enjoys fitness, swimming, singing, music, and shooting.