Trading Drills Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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We simplified all Price Action Trading setups to 2 main setups:
1) “T” Setup : This is a Trend following setup, which simply means “Find a Trend and take its pull backs”. This is a High Probability setup, meaning that you will get ~ 80-90% win rate with R/R of ~ 1. We recommend all traders to master this setup for the first year until they become consistent and have a low drawdown. This is a popular setup to be used by scalpers in small time frames.
2) “C” Setup: This is a Counter-Trend setup, which means you try to take a reversal and go against a trend and pick up the tops or bottoms. This has a Lower Probability, meaning that you will get a ~ 30-50% win rate with high R/R. We only recommend more experience traders to take this setup after their first year. This is suitable for position and swing trading.

By completing the PAAT, you will acquires necessary skills to successfully trade any market (Equities, Futures, e-Currencies, Forex), any time-frame (Ticks, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks) and any style of trading (Scalping, Day-Trading, Swing trading, Position Trading).

PAAT is designed to be a practical training course based on the deliberate practice of smart drills. Instead of listening to lectures, you’ll be interacting with our LMS platform by drawing trend lines, identifying swings, and learning the fundamental technical analysis needed to become consistently profitable in the financial markets. PAAT offers 700 drills and includes quizzes and exams to test your knowledge and make sure you’re ready for the next lesson. PAAT is conveniently accessible by laptop, tablet, and smartphone so you can learn anytime, anywhere!

PAAT was developed by a group of 8 retail traders who have been through the journey of reaching profitability in the financial markets. With this perspective, we built PAAT with a group of psychologists, programmers, and LMS specialists to help aspiring traders become successful in an efficient, structured, and engaging way.

Accordion ContNo prerequisites are needed to attend PAAT. We welcome traders of all backgrounds and experiences who have a willingness to learn to join PAAT. It would help to have a familiarity with the basic concepts of trading technical analysis, as well as exposure to price charts on trading platforms. To get acquainted with the basic concepts of technical analysis, please refer to our section on common trading terms.ent

The course will become activated as soon as you register for it, so you can get started as soon as you want!

PAAT is a year-long course which ensures you have sufficient skills to master the important trading fundamentals before entering the financial markets. You’ll have access to one module a month to cover our workshops which include lessons, drills, quizzes, and exams, along with testing your knowledge of the concepts you’ve learned with forward testing with real market data.

We know that everyone has busy schedules, so we created PAAT so it can be accessed anytime, anywhere by any devices. We don’t have deliverables that need to be completed by a specific date, so it depends on your free time and the dedication you have to become a profitable trader. As a general guideline, we would recommend spending 1 – 2 hours a day on the course over extended period of time to develop all necessary skills.

No matter how you have paid for the course, it will be distributed on a modular basis that needs about a month to be completed for each module. If you spend more time everyday to complete each module that become available unr LMS in right sequence, you may be able to comple the PAAT in 3 months.

All our courses are held completely online on a learning management system (LMS). With LMS, you can login using your computer or any mobile devices whenever you’d like to complete the course.

Yes, of course! Try out our award winning course for yourself by signing up for Module 1 completely free of charge. Module 1 includes 3 workshops, 8 lessons, and 80 trading drills!

Yes, one of the most valuable aspects of PAAT is the continuous support we offer our students. In each module you can ask the instructor your questions in the discussion section. We also provide exclusive access to one-on-one live coaching consultations after you complete Module 10 of PAAT.

Step 1: On the PAAT product page, click “Add to Cart”.
Step 2: Once you go to your cart, click “Check Out” and fill in your contact information and billing address.
Step 3: Click on “Continue to Payment” and fill out your payment details
Step 4: Click “Pay Now” and congrats, you’ve enrolled in the course!

Yes, we offer a Flexible Per Module Payment subscription for $99 USD/Module. You can manually purchase your next Module at your pace or ask to be automatically billed on a monthly basis. You’ll have access to a new module every month.

The module 12 and a Bonus Module Advanced Module will prepare you for the trading system personalization in theory. You will also be able to ask questions through the LMS system as usual besides during live webinars. Then you will receive an 1 hour coaching session with me as part of the PAAT programs. All of these should be enough for 70% of students to figure out all their personal variables and become consistent.

We are planning to offer personal coaching packages for students who completed the PAAT and need more coaching/supervision at a discounted price, which will be announced later.