Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Novice traders often enter the trading world with a mindset they’ve picked up from their school days and academic learning: “If I have knowledge, I can succeed. They believe that success in trading, much like other professions, relies heavily on extensive knowledge. So, they start accumulating significant knowledge in trading through various courses, styles of trading, books, and videos. They consider this knowledge as the key to their success and are reluctant to invest in skill-focused training programs. However, as Dr. Reza Anari puts it, they have so far only studied swimming outside water.

Unlike many other fields, in trading, having extensive and scattered knowledge can work against you. Acquiring excessive knowledge is like a traveler burdening their journey to a challenging destination with impractical, heavy tools. Along this path, they will stumble and never reach their destination.

Many novice traders fail to grasp the reality that trading is a high-performance profession. Success in trading, much like sports, music, art, aviation, and medical specialization, demands acquiring practical high-level skills. To master intricate practical skills, knowledge-focused academic teachings are insufficient. In these fields, modern interactive deliberate practice training (which the Price Action Pattern Trading course is based on) are employed.

Unfortunately, many individuals come to realize these facts too late. After investing considerable time in knowledge-based trainings via books and videos, they witness that, despite having access to hundreds of gigabytes of free and scattered information from different instructors, they have not succeeded in financial markets.

With all the free internet information, why is there a need to pay tuition to learn the PAAT course?


The Deliberate Practice training used by the PAAT system is a structured and targeted approach to learning and improving trading skills. The effectiveness of Deliberate Practice in the field of high-performance sports and careers such as trading lies in its emphasis on continuous improvement and mastery of skills.

Unlike conventional trading courses that rely solely on knowledge-based teaching through books, videos, and webinars, Deliberate Practice focuses on specific, measurable, and progressive practice sessions. It involves rigorous and repetitive practice with immediate feedback, allowing traders to identify their weaknesses and work on them systematically. This targeted practice helps traders develop a deep understanding of market dynamics, risk management, and trading strategies.

Therefore, PAAT’s Deliberate Practice training is different from other trading courses because it goes beyond passive learning and theoretical knowledge and provides a practical and hands-on approach by using Smart Drills within the innovative Learning Management System (LMS) and guidance of our global instructors, enabling traders to gain crucial trading skills in a short span of time.

Popular price action courses/systems typically have a static view of the market structure, relying on candlestick readings, fixed support/resistance levels, chart patterns, and entry signals/strategies without a comprehensive trading plan. These systems are often developed based on historical analysis of back-tested price data and prove ineffective in assessing market structure, adapting to dynamic changes in live markets, and managing risks effectively.

In contrast, PAAT was specifically designed to align with the true nature of price action psychology. It offers a three-dimensional perspective of chart patterns, ranges, and momentum, considering their interrelationships across multiple timeframes. This dynamic approach to price action enables traders to recognize market structure players and risks, allowing them to identify low-risk opportunities as the market unfolds.

The teaching concepts in PAAT are carefully designed to simplify the understanding of price action, facilitating skill development. Non-practical price action jargon has been eliminated to ensure clear comprehension of the relevant concepts underlying the dynamic realm of pure price action. Moreover, the inclusion of illuminating flowcharts for process and algorithmic decision-making helps shift the trader’s mindset from acquiring knowledge to developing skills. This enables traders to effectively interpret price charts in real-time and take decisive actions in the unpredictable and ever-changing market

You can find examples of daily trade posted by our graduate students and global instructors using the PAAT system for the past 18 months by visiting the PAAT Trading Journals page.

PAAT Trading Journals

Also, you can view the performance of our global instructors and students who have successfully completed various prop firm combine challenges and secured funds. For inspiring success stories with detailed statements, you can watch the videos in the Funded Traders section of our site by visiting the link below:

PAAT Funded Traders Testimonials and Interviews

The primary focus of PAAT is on Setup T, which is a trend-following setup specifically designed to address the loss-averse tendencies often encountered by aspiring traders. Setup T aims to achieve a high win rate with a favorable reward-to-risk ratio, minimizing account drawdown. It serves as an ideal trading system from both psychological and risk management perspectives, allowing traders to secure funds consistently and manage them effectively.

The learning management system (LMS) is a digital platform that delivers, organizes, and manages training materials to facilitate the learning process. It includes online lessons, exams/quizzes, progress tracking, interactive gamification, and tools to connect with your mentors.

Our LMS is conveniently accessible via laptop, tablet, and smartphone, so you can learn anytime, anywhere. The  LMS system guarantees that all requirements for deliberate practice are met by offering continuous monitoring and supervision for students. The materials are structured to start with fundamental concepts of dynamic price action, gradually increasing in difficulty as students progress to more advanced workshops that delve into complex concepts related to the processes, algorithms, and personalization of the PAAT system. To advance through the program, students must complete each level in the correct sequence and pass evaluations, including multiple exams.

Smart drills are interactive exercises designed to provide hands-on experience and reinforce the concepts taught in the lessons. They are like virtual flight simulators used in pilot training, providing targeted, challenging, but achievable practice sessions with immediate feedback.
By simulating different market scenarios, smart drills help traders develop proficiency, gain confidence, and improve their skills over time.

PAAT is a comprehensive training system that includes Teaching, Mentoring, Coaching, and Monitoring based on Deliberate Practice.

The Teaching section of the course is offered online on our private Learning Management System (LMS). Using LMS, you can log in using your computer or any mobile device at your convenience to watch all video lectures and complete Smart Practice Drills of the course.

The Mentoring will be conducted via a private Telegram group or LMS enquiry ticket, where you can send all your questions to our global instructors via the program and receive immediate feedback within a day.

The 1-on-1 Coaching/Monitoring sessions will be conducted after the completion of all workshops via Zoom teleconferencing with senior instructors. This comprehensive training is essential for developing all key elements of competencies and trading skills, transforming a novice trader into a consistent professional trader.

You can trade a wide range of financial markets and instruments using the PAAT system, including stocks, futures, forex, options, binary options, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.

Absolutely, the PAAT system is style of trading independent. This means it can be utilized by traders with different trading styles, including fast scalping, day trading, swing trading, and position trading.

The Dynamic Price Action approach is timeframe independent, allowing you to successfully analyze and trade any timeframe, including minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Additionally, you can utilize various types of price charting such as Ticks, Point/Range, Volume, Renko, Heiken Ashi, Kagi, Point & Figure, and Line Break charts. 

The Dynamic Price Action approach does not rely on any indicators or derivatives of prices that may have inherent lags. Instead, your trading decisions will be based on pure price chart reading, which provides instant information without any delay.

Combining the main trading signal generated by the price action algorithms of the PAAT system with other volume-based trading information, such as order flow, volume profile, and leading market sentiments, does not create conflicting decisions or confusion. You can successfully integrate complementary volume analysis, volume profile, order flow, and market sentiment indicators, such as Tick NYSE information, with the non-lagging dynamic price action algorithms of the PAAT system.

With the PAAT system, you do not need to purchase or install expensive trading add-ons or indicators. You can utilize popular charting platforms such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradingView, MultiCharts, TradeStation, Sierra Chart, Investor R/T, Jigsaw Trading, C Trader, CQG Trader, Think or Swim, Quantower, ATAS Trading Technologies TT Platform, MotiveWave, VolFix, BlueWater, Volumetrica, Rithmic-R, Rithmic – R, Trade Navigator, AgenaTrader, C2- Collective2, eSignal, iSystems, iBroker, Quantirica, Medved Trader, Tiger Trade, Qcaid, Barchart Trader, DTN IQFeed, FutureSource, Hidden Force Flux, QScalp, SmartQuant, Scaled Dynamics, ScalpTool, StockSharp, TSLab Automated Trading Platform, and Zlantrader.

By completing the PAAT, you will acquire necessary skills to successfully trade consistently any market (Stocks, Futures, Options, e-Currencies, Forex, Bonds), any timeframe (Ticks, Range, Renko, Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks) and any style of trading (Scalping, Day-Trading, Swing trading, Position Trading). These consistent trading skills allow you to successfully trade your personal account or secure and manage funds provided by many prop firms.

PAAT does not have any prerequisites, so you can join regardless of your trading experience or background. The program curriculum is structured from the very basic to advanced levels, and we welcome traders of all backgrounds and experiences who have a willingness to learn.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before joining PAAT. First, the program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time, effort, and the right mindset to become a successful trader. Second, you should be willing to put in the work and dedication required to learn the PAAT system. The program is challenging, but it is also very rewarding.

Yes, of course! You can sign up now to receive a free trial of the following PAAT course materials via email:

Free Price Action Algo Trading-Trial Course


Free Price Action Algo Trading Mini Book

The LMS login for the PAAT course will be emailed to you shortly after completing the registration. The Admin will also send you information to join the private mentoring/coaching with our global instructors via Telegram program.

The duration of the PAAT course depends on the amount of time you spend completing the training each day. The minimum required time to complete PAAT is 3 months, which means you need to complete three workshops per week to cover all lessons, drills, quizzes, and exams. You will also need to test your knowledge of the concepts with forward testing and market replay using real market data.

Step 1: Go to the PAAT Premium Dynamic Price Action Trading Courses, or PAAT and the Path to Success in Trading

Step 2: Choose one of the course options and click “Add to Cart.” Afterward, proceed to your cart and click “Check Out.” Fill in your contact information and billing address.

Step 3: Click on “Continue to Payment” and complete your payment details.

Step 4: Click “Pay Now”! Congratulations, you have successfully enrolled in the course!

Yes, we offer a Flexible Per Module Payment subscription for $99 USD/Module. You can choose to purchase your next Module at your own pace or opt for automatic billing. With this subscription, you will have access to a new module after every payment.

To request your free 1-on-1 coaching session, please follow the instructions provided in the Road Map to Become A Successful Trader, which was given at the beginning of the PAAT course. After completing all 36 workshops and the bonus Advanced PAAT Module, take 30 trades with a Demo account and record them in the PAAT Trading Journal sample provided to you. Then, send this journal and your request for 1-on-1 coaching to [email protected]. The Admin will provide you with a time schedule and a link to enter the private zoom room for your 1-hour free coaching session with Dr. Anari.

If you need additional coaching/monitoring sessions, you can register for them using the following link:

Private Trading Coaching