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Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) and the Path to Success in Trading

A trader’s success relies on developing High-Performance Skill competencies on executing a profitable trading system that fits the trader’s psychology. With more than 20 years of experience in trading and training successful global traders, Trading Drills Academy has designed a comprehensive Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) system based on deliberate practice with smart drills and coaching/Monitoring, which can transform a novice trader into a professional level.

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If you are seriously interested to become a professional trader who can receive funds and reach financial freedom without the time and work location restrictions, we have provided several options based on your available time to take the advantage of this unique PAAT Trading/Coaching system.



Basic Dynamic Price Action


Coaching \ Monitoring:

$ 99 USD

Completely Free



Basic/Advanced Dynamic Price Action and PAAT System


Coaching \ Monitoring:

$ 484 -1090 USD

$ 388 - 870 USD



Basic/Advanced Dynamic Price Action and PAAT System


Coaching \ Monitoring:

$ 99 USD / Module

PAAT Overview and Advantages

How the Price Action Algo Trading System Works?

Check the PAAT Journals of Daily Trades to see the results of PAAT system in various markets!!!

PAAT Trading Course Incorporates the
3 Secrets of Trading Success

Winning-Price Action Trading System

1- Built Upon Our Proprietary Winning Price Action Trading System + Order Flow Confirmation

The first key element of success in trading is the design of a Profitable Trading System fitting a trader’s psychology. The Price Action Algo Trading system was designed to have a high win rate and low account drawdown and risk of ruin, which makes it an ideal trading system from the psychology and risk management viewpoint for many traders who wants to receive/manage funds. The trading strategy is built upon a dynamic price action trend-following setup, which is simplified with 5 conditional entry algorithms, to quickly identify trends and efficiently take advantage of their pullbacks. This is known as a Setup T, which provides a high win rate in a range of 70-90 percent with an average win-to-loss ratio of more than 1.  The win rate and win-to-loss ratio can be enhanced by Order Flow confirmation that is addressed in the Advanced PAAT section and coaching sessions.  

This setup is adapted into a solid trading plan, which can be personalized as an effective trading system by novice and experienced traders alike, to identify the best trading opportunities and reach consistency in all markets.
The Price Action Algo Trading system benefits from all advantages of Price Action as the best technical analysis tool, which are listed here:

2- Teaches Trading Skills/Habits by Deliberate Practice Drills under LMS

Many aspiring traders do not understand the true nature of trading and think they can self-study a few setups by reading books and watching videos and this KOWLEDGE is enough to quickly turn them to a consistent trader for many years. The fact is that success in trading needs the development of high level of SKILLS as you see in elite-level High-Performance professionals such as athletes, musicians, artists, physicians, etc. You will need to invest your time wisely by joining a professional club that offers a comprehensive training based on “Deliberate Practice” developed by well-informed coaches to develop all necessary high-performance skills.

With more than 20 years of experience in trading and training successful global traders, Trading Drills Academy has designed a comprehensive supportive learning environment under deliberate practice fundamentals with active Teaching/Mentoring/Coaching/Monitoring to develop all essential trading skills on a profitable trading system that is going to be fitted to your trading psychology.

The PAAT system includes over 70 animated Lessons and 760 Smart Drills. This course is designed to train the thinking process and algorithms of the PAAT system that our top traders execute consistently. The smart interactive practice drills under a Learning Management System (LMS), act like a personal coach, and you are guided from the moment you enter to progress in a safe and stress-free environment to gradually acquire trading fundamental skills. This is like learning how to swim in water under the supervision of a lifeguard in a safe environment.

Smart repetitive drills using real market charts develop each critical step of trading skills. With advanced interactive modules, each separate skill set is combined gradually to a more complex process and Algorithmic decision making, which eventually becomes second nature, so you perform this live trading plan properly like a professional trader.

Traders are immersed in a positive, supportive learning environment with gamification embedded with each smart drill under the LMS environment, instructors addressing all questions raised by traders, and personal coaching in advanced modules. This helps our students to gain confidence as their trading skills improve, which psychologically increases their motivations, accountability, and consistency. The educational progress of the student and the results of his smart Price Action exercises and exams in the LMS system can be clearly evaluated by the student and the coach. Traders also have access to their training modules from anywhere and anytime, 24/7!

3-High Win Rate and Low Drawdown - Fits the Psychology of Many Traders

After designing a profitable Price Action Trading System fitting a trader’s psychology and mastering its execution under Deliberate Practice with Smart Drills, the trader has to adapt this trading system into a trading plan suitable to the trader’s psychology, risk tolerance, and lifestyle.

We call this “Trading Personalization” which is explained in Modules 12 and Advanced PAAT in detail, which is the basis for our first and subsequent coaching sessions. During these private coaching sessions, the primary personal trading Variables such as Dollar Loss Tolerance, Mind Processing Speed, Personal Risk Appetite, and the trader Lifestyle will be discussed that have a major impact on the selection of other complex variables such as Time Frames, Underlying Instrument, Exit Strategy, Broker, and Style of trading.

The main setup that we train students and recommend them to master has a high win Rate between 70% to 90%, which is compatible with the psychology of many traders. The desire to have a high win rate is due to the risk and loss aversion nature of the human mind, which causes one to feel the pain of loss 2.5 times more than the joy of the same amount of profit. We address this loss aversion issue in the Price Action Algo Trading system by training traders to master our high probability trend-following setup T, but also discuss Setup C and B in the advanced PAAT that might be suitable for some traders. The high win rate also assures a low drawdown and Risk of Ruin from the money management perspective, so it will prepare traders to pass the evaluation of combines and get funded by prop firms as they impose tight drawdown/daily loss rules.

To address other Human and Market Psychology Conflicts, such as performance pressure and the illusion of expertise, we have created a roadmap for success in trading that incorporates solutions for all mindset-related issues. All students need to follow this roadmap and consciously record their trading journal which is reviewed by our coaches.

So, instead of taking random trades under stressful risky market conditions that eventually create major losses, psychological traumas, and bad habits, we recommend that you trade with the PAAT profitable trading system that includes a well-defined personalized trading plan and develop all the necessary skills to become a consistent trader with smart drills under LMS and experienced traders.

What makes our Price Action Algo Trading Coaching system very effective when it comes to development of successful traders?

Deliberate Practice under LMS is a perfect foundation to build an effective training program for aspiring traders. With Deliberate Practice, there is constant trader evaluation and instant feedback via Smart Drills, along with specific learning objectives. The difficulty of each practice gradually increases as your performance improves. The instant feedback lets you know the right way to complete a task and allows you to learn from your mistakes quickly.

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Price Action Algo Trading can be run on any Mobile Phone/Tablet devices

PAAT can be accessed by your mobile phone or tablets without being connected to the internet. This means you can continue your training anytime, anywhere. What’s best, your progress will be automatically synchronized with our cloud servers as soon as you go back online.

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How can you become consistently profitable with our Price Action Algo Trading coaching system?

profitable trading system

Master our winning Price Action Trading Strategy

training trading

Deliberately practice each component of our system

trading coach

Work under the best coaching system developed by experts using Smart Drills under LMS

feedback trading

Receive instant feedback and implement constructive improvements

PAAT Trading/Coaching System Features

practice trading

Integrated Trading/Coaching System

PAAT is comprehensive coaching system that is built based on a High Probability Price Action Trading System, which works in all markets. 

trading habits

Creating the right trading habits

You will learn the best decision-making algorithmic process of successful traders and turn habits of confident execution and trading over time.

trading risk

Learn risk-free at your pace

You will develop all necessary skills without risking trading capitals and fear of losing money and confidence in the financial markets at your own pace.

feedback trading

Instant feedback and constant learning

Trading Drills under LMS lets you know the right away to do a task, and corrects every mistake and turn it to skills and instinctual habits.

fun trading

Gamified learning experience

 With gamification elements like points, levels and badges and viewing your progress, turn difficult repetitive deliberate practice drills to a fun learning experience.

trading coach

Continuous monitoring from a coach

 Our LMS system continuous monitor your progress and guide you through your path toward completion of PAAT

successful trading

Connect with others to participate in discussions

You will have opportunity to communicate with our students and successful traders and learn from their experiences in advanced modules.

trading app

IOS and Android friendly

Both IOS and Android apps support PAAT LMS, which allow you to practice using any devices.

online trading course

Practice on the go

Access assigned workshops and practice with our mobile app offline and learn anywhere and anytime.

learn trading course

Platform independent

Resume in-progress courses you started before on desktop and with all mobile devices.

PAAT Content: 12 Modules, 36 Workshops, and 760 Drills

Workshop 1: Price Turning Points – Swing Low (SL) & Swing High (SH)
Workshop 2: Range, Drawing Range Line, Identifying/Update Range lines in live market
Workshop 3: Dynamic Support (DS) line & Dynamic Resistance (DR)

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 1 = 80 / 700

Workshop 4: Dynamic Channels (DC)
Workshop 5: Patterns
Workshop 6: Relationship between Pattern and Range

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 2 = 150 / 700

Workshop 7: Sideway Channel Break Out
Workshop 8: Trend Channel Break Out
Workshop 9: Sideway and Trend Channel Break Out – Advance

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 3 = 210 / 700

Workshop 10:Momentum Range Analysis (MRA)
Workshop 11: Momentum Slope Analysis (MSA)
Workshop 12: Combining Momentum Range & Slope Analysis

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 4 = 270 / 700

Workshop 13: Identifying Structural Swings
Workshop 14: Drawing Structural Channels
Workshop 15: Combining Structural Channels and Trading Channels

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 5 = 330 / 700

Workshop 16: Trading Rule – Future Structure Direction
Workshop 17: Trading Rule – Future Trading Channels Direction
Workshop 18: Combining Future Structure Direction & Future Trading Channels Direction

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 6 = 390 / 700

Workshop 19: High Probability Trade Area
Workshop 20: 4 Groups Winners and Losers
Workshop 21: Setup T

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 7 = 450 / 700

Workshop 22: Over Bought/Over Sold Areas
Workshop 23: Stop Loss
Workshop 24: Targets

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 8 = 510 / 700

Workshop 25: R/R and Enter
Workshop 26: Trade Risk Evaluation
Workshop 27: Exit Strategies

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 9 = 570 / 700

Workshop 28: Pattern Filter
Workshop 29: Momentum Filter
Workshop 30: High Probability Trade Area Filter

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 10 = 630 / 700

Workshop 31: OB/OS Zones Filter
Workshop 32: R/R Ratio Filter
Workshop 33: Overview of Module 1 to 11

Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 11 = 700 / 700

Workshop 34: Personalized Time Frame Variable
Workshop 35: Personalize Risk Tolerance Variable, Personalize Trade Size based on Risk and Psychology
Workshop 36: PAAT Checklist and Recording/Journal

Trading Drills Academy Instructors and Development Team

After years of research, troubleshooting and coaching under experts, we’ve come up with a system to help the future generation of aspiring traders to become consistent faster. We will help you save money, time, and energy, so you won’t fall into the same traps we did when we first started out. PAAT coaching system provides you with the unique opportunity toward a faster journey to becoming a successful trader at minimum risk in the financial markets.

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