Price Action Trading and Its Advantage

In this video, we will focus our discussion on the topic of Price Action Trading and its advantage as a preferred method of trading.
As mentioned earlier, developing a profitable trading system with an edge and mastering its execution is one of the key elements of a professional trader’s success.

The term price action has been used broadly for wide ranges of price analysis, such as candlestick readings, price patterns, and of various oscillators and indicators.

price analysis

Price action from the point of view of the Trading Drills is the art and technique of analyzing and interpreting the price psychology actions to gauge market participants’ sentiments and identify trading opportunities.

price psychology actions

A price action trader is aware that economic data and geopolitical news act as a catalyst to initiate the price movement in a market.
However, the reaction of investors to these events and their decisions are important elements that often exaggerate or understate the price move beyond their expected fair price values.

Therefore, a price action trader identifies the direction and extent of price movement directly on the current price chart.

price chart
price analysis

As the price chart reveals transparently, all combined beliefs, sentiments, and decisions of market participants, which makes the analysis and interpretation of data fast and efficient.

Many price action traders make trading decisions using candlesticks on a naked price chart, which is provided by most charting systems and brokers. Most traders do not any indicators on the charts, and some may just moving averages to help identify areas of dynamic support and resistance.

By reading all the essential information directly and instantly from the price chart, the decision-making process becomes very effective and straightforward, unlike the lagging information generated by oscillators and indicators.

oscillators and indicators

Another advantage of Price Action Trading is that it is universally applicable to all timeframes and styles of trading, due to the fractal nature of price movement.
Price action information does not create conflicting decisions when integrated with complementary volume-based Order Flow or leading TICK data, and advanced traders often
these together successfully to achieve superior institutional performance.

trading strategies

In addition, price action trading strategies can be used to analyze and trade any market, such as stocks, equity indices, commodities, currency markets, options, and bonds. This provides flexibility for traders to become profitable in the markets that interest them the most, based on their risk appetite, available capital, and lifestyle.

In conclusion, price action provides the essential elements required to develop a profitable trading system that can be mastered and executed successfully by many traders.
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