Human Psychology Conflicts - Illusion of Expertise

We continue our discussion on the topic of Human Psychology Conflicts and address the issue of Illusion of Expertise. The third major emotional/cognitive mismatch is common among traders who have gained significant knowledge about trading and consider that as the key to success in the market. However, these traders have a low level of expertise and practical skills required to execute a profitable trading system and adapt to the ever-changing financial markets.


Many aspiring traders enter the trading world with a mindset they’ve picked up from their school days and academic learning: “If I have knowledge, I can succeed.” This misconception, often referred to as the “Illusion of Expertise,” is rooted in the belief that their prior educational experiences have instilled in them the idea that “Knowledge is a Commodity.”

Illusion of Expertise tradind

As a result, these traders continually search for more knowledge, hoping to discover a holy grail strategy. They mistakenly think that once they understand how the system works, they can execute that professionally and achieve success. This elusive belief leads to an attitude that makes them reluctant to seek skill-focused training and be coachable.

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Many novice traders fail to grasp the reality that trading is a High-Performance Skill profession and that the knowledge-focused academic teachings received through books, videos, and webinars are insufficient to master the intricate practical skills needed in trading. Success in trading, much like sports, music, art, aviation, and medical specialization, demands acquiring practical high-level skills. In these fields, modern interactive deliberate practice training with mentoring and coaching is required to achieve success.

How amateur traders spend their time in the stock market

All aspiring traders aiming for success must let go of the illusion of expertise, truly grasp the essence of trading as a high-performance career and seek skill-focused training under deliberate practice training, such as the one offered in the Price Action Algo Trading course.

Price Action Algo Trading course
major emotional/cognitive mismatches

In conclusion, we provided an overview of three major emotional/cognitive mismatches, namely “Performance Pressure”, “Loss Aversion”, and “Illusion of Expertise”, which influence the proper execution of trading systems by most traders.

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