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  • Master our winning Price Action Trading System 
  • Deliberately Practice 700 Smart Drills and Lessons
  • Become Consistently Profitable in any Market

PAAT Overview and Advantages

The Price Action Algo Trading is designed based on 5 conditional algorithms for entry, exit, and money management. This provides a high win rate and low account drawdown and risk of ruin, which makes it an ideal trading system from the psychology and risk management point of view for many traders.

The system trains the trading process and algorithmic decision-making skills under deliberate practice coaching, by using over 50 animations to train the trading process and 700 smart drills to develop algorithmic decision-making skills. 

Therefore, by using this combined trading/coaching system and support of our instructors, you will be forced to practice a lot and build all the necessary skills to read the charts properly to find opportunities using our profitable Price Action Algo Trading system. This will change your view of the market to think and make the right decisions and develop proper habits, to act patiently like a professional trader, and to become successful in any financial market.

Become a profitable trader by learning the PROCESS/ALGORITHM of our
winning trend-following Price Action Trading System

Winning Trading System

Profitable Trading System

Our Price Action Course will help you learn the fundamentals of our profitable trading system. You'll be able to learn how to trade with confidence in a safe environment with no risk.

deliberate practice in trading

Smart Practical Exercises

Trading Drills Academy teaches trading in the form of Smart Drills. We will teach you from the basic to the advanced levels on how to read price charts and trade in an easy way using Interactive Lessons and Smart Drills.

Trading psychology

Trading Psychology

Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT) coaching system is compatible to the psychology of most traders with high win rate. You will master the execution of our trading system consistently, regardless of the overall market sentiment.

Price Action Algo Trading (PAAT)

trading modules

12 Modules

trading workshops

36 Workshops

trading drills

700 Drills

trading students

+500 Students

Comments and Results of some of our Successful Students


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Deliberate Practice in Trading

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Importance of Trading Skill Development

In search of the secrets of traders’ success, we discussed the importance of focus on Deliberate Practice by professionals under a proper coaching system. Why do many aspiring traders think they can master trading themselves without a need for mentors? Is the method of learning by inspirational traders efficient to turn them to professionals over time? In this video, we discuss the importance of the three domains of knowledge and its impact on the attitude of traders to master essential trading skills.

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How Professional Traders Spend Their Time and Talents

The two decades of research on the Cycle of Excellence has shown that top performers are not born but made, and that spending a long time on a subject alone is not enough for mastery.One major question we often receive is “How do amateurs and professionals spend their time individually, which results in such vastly different outcomes of profitability?” Professionals were not obviously experts from the beginning, yet they somehow managed their time and talents differently. This is an important topic that we will look at this short video.

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Unique Trading Tools

Trading Acronyms

Trading Acronyms and Terminology

We've complied a list of key trading acronyms and terminology for you to refer to.

trading charts

Live Charts/Market Overview

Here we have live Real-Time Charts and Market Overview that you can use.

Trading Calculators

Trading Calculators

Check out our profit calculator and trading position size calculators for various indexes and commodities.

Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading

With PAAT, you'll learn how to trade in a risk free environment.

Price Action Algo Trading - Trial

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Join our group of professional traders and start Module One for free.

  • 12 workshops, 28 lessons and 12 smart drills

    Workshop 1: Price Turning Points - Swing Low (SL) & Swing High (SH)

    Workshop 2: Range, Drawing Range Line, Identifying/Update Range lines in the live market

    Workshop 3: Dynamic Support (DS) line & Dynamic Resistance (DR)

  • Workshop 4: Dynamic Channels (DC)

    Workshop 5: Determining the Types of Patternst

    Workshop 6:Relationship between Pattern and Range

  • Workshop 7: Trend Channel Break Out

    Workshop 8: Sideway Channel Break Out

    Workshop 9: Sideway and Trend Channel Break Out - Advance

  • Workshop 10
    : Momentum Range Analysis

    Workshop 11:Momentum Slope Analysis

    Workshop 12: Combining Momentum Range Analysis & Momentum Slope Analysis

    Total number of Drills completed by the end of Module 4 = 12 / 700

Trading Drills was created by a group of 8 traders with over 50 years of combined trading experience. Our goal is to help traders become successful and become constantly profitable. If you are interested in trading, turn it into a side hustle or professional career by learning the fundamentals with PAAT.

We will help save your money, time, and energy, so you won't fall into the same traps we did when we first started out, and have a faster journey to becoming a successful trader.  

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