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Basic to Advanced Price Action Lessons/Drills

Get started for free with Trading Drills! Learn how to become a profitable trader with our online trading academy. We'll show you the secrets of successful traders' strategies in our exclusive Price Action Course. 

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  • 4 Modules: Basic to Advanced Price Action
  • 12 Workshops
  • 28 lessons
  • 12 smart drills
  • $99 Free

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Don't waste anymore time with scattered theoretical trading courses!

See what our top students have to say 

Laleh Azizi - Canada

"Trading Drills is the best academy for learning intraday trading. At first, when I started trading, I was confused by my consecutive losses and low profits, but now I am fully aware of what I am doing."

Charlie Evans - England

"When I was first learning how to trade, I was nervous and overwhelmed. Trading Drills has helped me become a more confident, calm, and precise trader." 

Bhonsle Chawla - India

"This is a one of a kind trading learning experience taught through lessons and dynamic drills. I would highly recommend this to my friends and family" 

Margot Lane - USA

"I was hesitant when I first signed up for PAAT but I'm so glad I tried out the free trial and was able to experience it for myself! I've become consistently profitable in trading and have more time to spend with my kids at home."

Guy Du Ballay - France

"I finished the PAAT course with Trading Drills Academy and never second-guessed my decision. It was an amazing journey and now I'm making consistent profit from home!"

Arlene Okafor - USA

"I've never learned trading using drills before and it's incredible. Learning from price charts is extremely useful and is so hands-on."  

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What You'll Learn

Module 1: Basic Price Action

Workshop 1: Price Turning Points - Swing Low (SL) & Swing High (SH)

Workshop 2: Range, Drawing Range Line, Identifying/Update Range lines in the live market

Workshop 3: Dynamic Support (DS) line & Dynamic Resistance (DR)

Module 2: Advanced Price Action - Patterns

Workshop 4: Dynamic Channels (DC)

Workshop 5: Determining the Types of Patterns

Workshop 6: Relationship between Pattern and Range

Module 3: Advanced Price Action - Trend vs Sideway

Workshop 7: Trend Channel Break Out

Workshop 8: Sideway Channel Break Out

Workshop 9: Sideway and Trend Channel Break Out - Advance

Module 4: Advanced Price Action - Momentum

Workshop 10: Momentum Range Analysis

Workshop 11: Momentum Slope Analysis

Workshop 12: Combining Momentum Range Analysis & Momentum Slope Analysis

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Total number of Lessons completed by the end of PAAT Trial: 27

Price Action Algo Trading System Features

practice trading

Integrated Trading/Coaching System

PAAT is comprehensive coaching system that is built based on a High Probability Price Action Trading System, which works in all markets. 

trading habits

Creating the right trading habits 

You will learn the best decision-making algorithmic process of successful traders and turn habits of confident execution and trading over time.

trading risk

Learn risk-free at your pace

You will develop all necessary skills without risking trading capitals and fear of losing money and confidence in the financial markets at your own pace.

feedback trading

Instant feedback and constant learning 

Trading Drills under LMS lets you know the right away to do a task, and corrects every mistake and turn it to skills and instinctual habits.

fun trading

Gamified learning experience

 With gamification elements like points, levels and badges and viewing your progress, turn difficult repetitive deliberate practice drills to a fun learning experience.

trading coach

Continuous monitoring from a coach 

 Our LMS system continuous monitor your progress and guide you through your path toward completion of PAAT 

successful trading

Connect with others to participate in discussions

You will have opportunity to communicate with our students and successful traders and learn from their experiences in advanced modules.

trading app

IOS and Android friendly

Both iOS and Android apps support PAAT LMS, which allow you to practice using any devices.

online trading course

Practice on the go

Access assigned workshops and practice with our mobile app offline and learn anywhere and anytime. 

learn trading course

Platform independent

Resume in-progress courses you started before on desktop and with all mobile devices.

trading courses

Course Content

  • 12 Workshops, 28 Lessons and 12 Smart drills  

Start Date

  • Whenever you want


  • Wherever you want 


  • Completely free

We have removed the enforcement of sequential completion of each workshop and Lesson in this PAAT-Trial. So this is not a registered user LMS system and please keep your browser open if you want to continue and have your reports at the end.

Test Out our Price Action Algo Trading System Today

Trading Drills Academy was created by traders using successful trader's strategies. We'll teach you how to become a profitable trader with our innovative drills. You'll learn to trade using our profitable proprietary trading system which you can benefit from once you start trading in the financial markets.  

 The cost of this course is usually $90. See for yourself what our price action course has to offer and how it'll help you become a successful trader!


  • amandaApr 28, 2021

    It was awesome.
    It is safe to say that it has been the best training method I have ever seen in my whole life. After testing the free course, I decided to enroll in these courses so that I could have full access to all the modules and interactive exercises of the course.
    Thank you for placing a part of the course for free on your site, which is definitely useful because of your trust in your educational system.
    I will bother you soon to register.

  • Trading Drills AcademyJan 05, 2021

    Hi Sachin,
    You’re in the right place! With our Price Action Algo Trading course, we’ll help you learn price action fundamentals that you can implement and apply to any commodities market.

  • SachinDec 26, 2020

    I want to learn commodity section based on price action

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