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Profitable Trading System

We would like to discuss the importance of mastering the execution of a profitable trading system, which is the second secret of professional traders’ success!

What are the characteristics of a profitable trading system?

How we can calculate  “Positive Expectancy”?

How do you find your trading system's edge?

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Profitable Trading System

Smart Drills Under LMS

We continue our discussion on the second secret of professional traders’ success, and outline the advantageous of using smart drills under a learning management system.

Master Process/Algorithm

Hello all traders! In this video, we will continue our discussion on the second secret of professional traders’ success, which is Mastering the Process and Algorithm (also known as Algo) of a Profitable Trading System!

To what extent is the contribution of three domains of knowledge - content knowledge, process knowledge, and conditional knowledge, critical to success in trading?

How traders can  apply process and conditional knowledge to specific market situations?

How Professionals develop their Process and Algo trading skills?

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Master Process/Algorithm

How Smart Deliberate Practice Drills helps traders?

What is LMS?

How does LMS work?

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Smart Drills Under LMS

Why Trading Drills?

Trading Success Facts

We often discuss with aspiring traders about the chance of success and sustained profitability in financial markets. Many do not have a realistic understanding of the facts of what it really takes to become a successful trader. Some people think it should be easy to enter into the market and get rich quickly, while others believe it is not possible and the financial markets are rigged.

We would like to provide you in this short video with an overview of trading success facts and how the success rate in trading stands compared to other high-paid top performers, like professional athletes in the NFL.

Is this a low chance of success compared to other high-paid professionals?

What is the relationship between the knowledge of trading and practical skills of profitable trading?

What is Deliberate Practice and its components?

How is the learning attitude of professionals affected by the awareness of the Domains of Knowledge?

To find the answers to the questions above read more about "Cycle of Excellence in Trading" please click on the link below for details.

Professionals vs. Amateurs

The two decades of research on the Cycle of Excellence has shown that top performers are not born but made, and that spending a long time on a subject alone is not enough for mastery.

One major question we often receive is “How do amateurs and professionals spend their time individually, which results in such vastly different outcomes of profitability?” Professionals were not obviously experts from the beginning, yet they somehow managed their time and talents differently. This is an important topic that we will look at this short video.

Deliberate Practice

The Science of Expertise has emerged in the past two decades by identifying how professionals across a wide range of fields, from musicians to athletes to surgeons to chess players move from average to elite performers.

The concept of the Cycle of Excellence has evolved to Deliberate Practice and is used widely by High-Performance Coaching. It is an active process of skill development and the most important element of success in trading, which we will discuss in this video and page in more details.

Skill vs Knowledge

In search of the secrets of traders’ success, we discussed the importance of focus on Deliberate Practice by professionals under a proper coaching system. Why do many aspiring traders think they can master trading themselves without a need for mentors? Is the method of learning by inspirational traders efficient to turn them to professionals over time?

In this video, we discuss the importance of the three domains of knowledge and its impact on the attitude of traders to master essential trading skills.